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Daily Nuggets: McDavid’s Good Habits; Michkov Saga Takes Strange Turn



Connor McDavid, Vegas Golden Knights
McDavid and Martinez battle in the Stanley Cup second-round playoff series (AP Photo/John Locher)

Connor McDavid’s skillset is on another planet. What happens when McDavid’s intellectual level catches up with his skillset? Zdeno Chara astonished his teammates with his daily workout regimen. What is the 46-year-old training for? Flyers prospect Matvei Michkov is no longer on the KHL team that scratched him in three of the team’s first four games. Free Agent Tomas Tatar switched agents and may have an offer on the table. Chicago deep-dish pizza is the only deep-dish pizza that matters.

Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas Hockey Now: In case you missed it, VHN put the Vegas Golden Knights’ forward lines in a blender.

NHL News & National Hockey Now:

Sportsnet: McDavid is embracing the process of losing. That does not mean McDavid enjoys losing. McDavid understands that one must learn how to lose before they can win. The Golden Knights have played their part in teaching McDavid how to lose. Can McDavid take that lesson and turn it into good habits?

Boston Hockey Now: Most NHL players give their bodies a break when they retire. “I didn’t take any kind of break. I kind of sustained the physical training. I was adding to my running, getting higher mileage, getting higher bike distances.” Chara told The New York Post recently. What is Chara training for?

Philly Hockey Now: A reality show can be made of the Michkov saga. Here’s a quick recap of Michkov’s summer. Flyers draft him No. 7 overall. Michkov is considered the 13th-best forward on his KHL team and gets scratched in three of four games. The next page in the Michkov reality show is a loan to a new KHL team.

New Jersey Hockey Now: It is always interesting when a player switches agents while they are a free agent. Could Tatar’s new agent be a hint for which team may sign the free agent?

Chicago Hockey Now: I finally have a reason to talk about some real pizza. Chicago deep-dish! Pittsburgh Hockey Now writer Dan Kingerski discussed pizza in a story about Sidney Crosby. That generated a fair response from Chicago Hockey Now writer Nate Brown. Shout out to my friend Tim who owns Windy City Beef’s and Pizza in Henderson, Nev. Sit at the Chicago Cubs-themed table and look for my picture on the wall.

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