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Daily Nuggets: Lightning Rebound? Trouble Between AHL Chicago and Carolina



Connor Bedard - credit Blackhawks Twitter

Ok Do not sleep on the Tampa Bay Lightning next season. Remember what happened when the Vegas Golden Knights had a long offseason and had a chip on their shoulder the following season? Who will the Florida Panthers lock up to a long-term deal next? The San Jose Sharks acquired Mike Hoffman in the Erik Karlsson trade. Why has Hoffman slumped in the last two years?

Is the AHL about developing players or winning a Calder Cup? The relationship between the Chicago Wolves and Carolina Hurricanes got messy in 2022. Which Chicago Blackhawks could hit 20 goals next season?

NHL Network: The Tampa Bay Lightning appeared in the Stanley Cup Final three consecutive years and won the Stanley Cup in two of those years. The Lightning are coming into the 2023-24 season with plenty of rest and motivation.

Florida Hockey Now: Matthew Tkachuk is locked up in Florida through the 2029-30 season. Which key player will the Panthers lock up next to complement Tkachuk?

San Jose Hockey Now: The Sharks got stuck acquiring Hoffman and his $4.5 million salary cap hit in the Karlsson trade. Hoffman has 69 points over his last two seasons in Montreal. Why has Hoffman been slumping?

Carolina Hockey Now: The Chicago Wolves won championships at the IHL and AHL levels in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2008, and 2022.  The Wolves have a desire to win every season. The Wolves’ desire to win every season did not align with their NHL affiliate’s plan (Carolina Hurricanes) to develop talent.

Chicago Hockey Now: It is a likely lock Connor Bedard will score 20 or greater goals next season. Which other Chicago Blackhawks can score 20 or more goals?

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