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Stirring Up Some Fun Golden Knights Trivia



Deryk Engelland Vegas Golden Knights 2022 NHL All-Star Game (Photo- Vegas Golden Knights via Twitter)

Overheard at a respectable establishment, maybe:

John, Frank, and Chris are at their favorite bar late on a Friday night reminiscing about the Golden Knights Stanley Cup victory. The drinks are flowing as everyone takes turns bringing up key moments from the playoffs.

Adin Hill’s save in game one of the Stanley Cup Final is mentioned. Cheers! Keegan Kolesar’s bone-crushing hit on Matthew Tkachuk from game three of the Stanley Cup Final. Cheers! Alex Pietrangelo’s slash on Leon Draisaitl from game four of the Conference Semifinals. This brings the trio of friends to their feet before raising their glasses to each other.

The trio puts their hands around each others’ shoulders and breaks into the chorus of Queen’s, “We Are the Champions.”  The good times are rolling and the drinks are flowing.

Deryk Engelland should have his number retired! He was the first-ever player to retire as a Golden Knight!” Frank says. Chris and Frank raise their glasses. John looks at Frank and says, “You’re wrong, Engelland was not the first-ever player to retire as a Golden Knight!” Frank slams a $20 on the table. John fishes $20 out of his pocket and slams it on top of Frank’s $20.

John tries to pronounce “Vadim Shipachyov.” Frank’s jaw drops as Chris shouts, “Devastating.” John swipes Frank’s $20 off the table. Shipachyov abruptly retired after being unhappy with his usage early in season one.

Frank is tilted and asks John for a chance to win his $20 back. John puts his elbow on the rustic table and places his chin on top of his hand.

“Remember Peyton Krebs?” John asks Frank. Chris chimes in about his big Krebs hockey card collection. “Yeah, I was sad to see him get traded to Buffalo,” Frank says.

John gives Frank 30 seconds to answer this question. “What part of Peyton Krebs’ body was injured when he logged his first-ever shot on goal?” Frank wastes no time and shouts, “Arm!” “Final answer?” Asks John. Frank places another $20 on the table. Chris covers his grin with his hand as he steps off the rigidity stool.

John swipes the $20 and explains how Krebs had a puck hit him in the jaw in his fourth NHL game that deflected on goal. Frank is in disbelief as he looks at Hockey Reference to validate John’s claim. From across the bar, everyone can hear Chris shout, “Devastating!”

As if Frank was not tilted enough already, John won $100 using one of Frank’s twenty dollar bills in a video poker machine. Chris is quick to point out how lucky John was to win on a video poker machine with such a poor pay table.

Frank wants double or nothing to win his $40 back and offers John a question. “Who scored the first-ever goal for the Golden Knights in T-Mobile Arena?” John smiles at Frank and Chris shakes his head.

“You want me to say, Tomas Nosek, don’t you? But the answer is Cody Eakin. It was from a preseason game.” John confidently stated.

Frank peels $40 from his wallet and is stuck $80 at this point. “Rapid fire, I’m going to ask questions and you have 10 seconds to answer, $20 a question.” Frank says. John agrees quickly.

“Who had the first-ever Golden Knights shutout?” Frank asks. “Malcom Subban?” John not so confidently asks. Frank celebrates as he reminds John that Oscar Dansk was the correct answer.

“First-ever Golden Knights regular-season hat trick?” Frank asks. “That’s easy, William Karlsson. He was pretty great that season.” John says with a grin as he thrusts his hips.

John asks Frank if he’s had enough. Frank looks more beaten down than Sergei Bobrovsky after he let in his seventh goal of game five of the Stanley Cup Final.

“All right, one more $20 question. I’m going home stuck $100 or $60.” Frank says.

“Over or under,  9 1/2 penalty minutes last regular season for Jack Eichel.” John says. Frank is confused as he starts to think about it. “Nine and a half is such a low number. This feels like a trap. Maybe you are giving me an easy one because you took so much of my money?” Frank says trying to get a read off John.

“Screw it, over.” Frank guesses. Chris crosses his arms and buries his head in the table. John shows Frank on Money Puck  how Eichel had only six penalty minutes last regular season.

“If you say devastating one more time!” Frank says pointing at Chris.

“I am done. Where is the check?” Frank angrily asks. The bartender drops the check. Chris and John take out their credit cards and place them in the bucket.

“No, we are not doing this. I have lost enough. No credit card roulette,” Frank says. Chris and John stare down Frank and do not say anything. Without saying a word, Frank decides to drop his credit card in the bucket.

The bartender comes over and shakes up the bucket. Frank can see that it is his card that got pulled. “Sorry Frank. I will get the tip,” says John.

“Devastating!” Chris and the bartender say in unison.

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