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Not Always Good Weather Between Marchessault and Cassidy; No Discussions of Extension



Could Jonathan Marchessault be entering his final season as a Golden Knight?

Jonathan Marchessault comes across as the most laid back player on the Vegas Golden Knights. An infectious personality and million dollar smile, has Marchessault ever had a stressful day as a Golden Knight? The answer is yes and the source of some of that stress is coach Bruce Cassidy.

“It hasn’t always been the rainbow and the good weather between us. We got into each other a couple of times, on the bench, during games, during the playoffs. But I think he wanted the best out of me and we managed to be able to work together.”

Marchessault in an interview with TVA Sports

What exactly can we make of that comment? It almost sounds like a breakup when one partner tells the other partner they will always love them.

“He is a coach that I respect. We won together, so he will always have my respect.”

Marchessault clarified

That sounds like the, “But we will always be friends,” part of the breakup.

RELAX EVERYONE! Cassidy and Marchessault are not breaking up, or are they?

“There are no negotiations that have been done. I know that sometimes the Golden Knights like to take their time with that. We will see what it will give.”

Marchessault when asked about extension discussions

It is time to acknowledge reality. There is a possibility that Marchessault is traded sometime before now and when his contract expires after the 2023-24 season. Marchessault will be 33-years-old when his contract expires and a hot commodity should he opt for free agency. General manager Kelly McCrimmon understands that and may try and get something in return vs. letting Marchessault walk.

“We have built something exceptional. But the life of a hockey player is never safe. That’s what keeps us humble and it’s possible [that the rest of my career] will be elsewhere.”

Marchessault on his future

The Golden Knights would never trade a day-one misfit. McCrimmon would never opt for a younger player vs. an aging veteran for the same money. Ahem, Ivan Barbashev. Ahem, Riley Smith. Ahem, Marc-Andre Fleury. Ahem, it could happen to Marchessault next summer.

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