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Golden Knights: Age is Just a Number



Vegas Golden Knights, NHL trade, Alec Martinez
Alec Martinez enters next season at 36-years-old

Time for a walk down cliché avenue. Age is just a number. You are as old as you feel. This could go on for hours.

The Vegas Golden Knights players feel a bit younger, winning a Stanley Cup will do that to you.

How did the average age of the Golden Knights 2022-23 roster matchup against the rest of the NHL? Can correlations be made between the average age of an NHL roster and winning a Stanley Cup? The Seattle Kraken and Golden Knights are the newest NHL teams, so they should have the youngest average player age. Not exactly.

All data courtesy of Hockey Reference.

The 2022-23 Golden Knights roster had an average age of 29.1 which ranked 11th oldest. The Buffalo Sabres were the youngest with an average age of 26.1 and the Pittsburgh Penguins were the oldest with an average age of 31. The Golden Knights were the oldest team in the Pacific Division and the fifth-oldest team in the Western Conference.

Age does not necessarily correlate to success. The Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup as the 17th oldest team in 2022. The Tampa Bay Lightning ranked as the 16th and 18th oldest teams when they won their Stanley Cups in 2020 and 2021. The St. Louis Blues ranked as the 13th oldest team when they won their Stanley Cup in 2019. The Washington Capitals ranked as the 12th oldest team when they won their Stanley Cup in 2018.

The NHL’s two newest teams are enjoying immediate success. The average player age for the Kraken and Golden Knights was similar for the teams’ first two seasons. The Golden Knights had average roster ages of 28 and 29.2. The Kraken had average roster ages of 28.7 and 29.

What do all of these numbers mean? Teams need the right blend of experience and youthful energy to make a run for a Stanley Cup.

The Golden Knights will be entering the 2023-24 season with a similar roster as the Stanley Cup-winning team from last season. Reilly Smith’s, Phil Kessel’s, and Jonathan Quick’s departures will drop the average age for next season. Players such as Alex Pietrangelo, Alec Martinez, and Jonathan Marchessault are not getting any younger.

The Golden Knights hope to have a bit of good luck for once in the injury department. The average age of the Golden Knights does not favor better luck on the horizon, however.

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