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Golden Knights Analysis

Vegas Golden Knights Game 37 vs. Los Angeles Kings; Pluses/Minuses, Thompson Gets a Plus, Cassidy Gets Another Minus



Jack Eichel, Vegas Golden Knights win Game 3 over Edmonton Oilers 5-1

The deck was stacked against the house Thursday night in T-Mobile Arena. The Vegas Golden Knights had the tough task of facing the NHL’s best road team amid a four-game losing streak. The Golden Knights emerged victorious with a 3-2 regulation win to earn two tough points in the standings.

Here are the pluses and minuses of the game.

+ Logan Thompson Needed This Start

Social media was ready to send Thompson to the American League, hoping Robin Lehner was available after Wednesday’s loss against the Anaheim Ducks. Thompson silenced the doubters, for one game at least, with a 32-save effort. This was the start Thompson needed and coach Bruce Cassidy needed to see.

– Coach Bruce Cassidy Can’t Make a Full Presser without Saying Something Negative about Logan Thompson

To be fair, coach Cassidy was very positive about Thompson’s performance and we don’t want to turn this to a poop on coach Cassidy article. “The shot we gave up for the first five-on-six goal we will give up all day long. That’s the goalie’s shot, he’s just got to seal the post there.” Coach Cassidy on the Kings’ second goal of the game.

Coach Cassidy does not make it easy for the goaltenders to deal with the pressure of the position.

+ How Logan Thompson Handles the Pressure of Being an NHL Goaltender

I asked Thompson how he handled the pressure of the position and he had this to say after Thursday’s victory. “This was the toughest month of my career. Just taking a step back and being grateful I’m in the NHL. I don’t know how long I’ll be in the NHL or how long I’ll be a Golden Knight. I just come to the rink with a smile on my face.”

That was a very honest and powerful statement from Thompson. Could it have been a glimpse of how Thompson feels about his long-term future in Vegas?

+ On-time Start

The Golden Knights applied pressure from the first shift and it was clear they were ready for this game.

– Five on Six Continues to Struggle

This is a concern and needs to be fixed before the playoffs. A seven-game series has little margin of error and features a lot of one-goal games. Thankfully, the Golden Knights have 45 games to get it figured out.

+ Jack Eichel Continues to Score Big Goals

The Golden Knights needed an early goal Thursday night. Eichel delivered with a perfectly placed snipe over the shoulder of Cam Talbot. When the Golden Knights need something to happen, Eichel will be the first to deliver.

– Another Injury to the Defensemen

Not much time had passed from when Ben Hutton left the game to the team announcing he was out for the remainder of the game. Hutton joins Shea Theodore and Kaeden Korczak who have unknown return dates.

+ Coach Cassidy’s Line Juggling

Cassidy made some changes to the second and third lines which led to both lines scoring. “Fricking brilliant.” Coach Cassidy’s response when asked about the changes in the lines producing goals.

– Jonathan Marchessault Took a Bad Penalty

Marchessault was bumped heading to the bench for a line change and got sent to the box for a retaliatory penalty. Those types of penalties cannot happen late in the third period, especially when your team is trying to seal a victory after a four-game losing streak.

+ Golden Knights Attire for Their Arrival in Seattle

Just watch…