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Golden Knights: What’s More Likely?



William Karlsson - Vegas Golden Knights (Photo- Sammi Silber- Washington Hockey Now)

Today we take a look at scenarios for the Vegas Golden Knights and evaluate which side is more likely.

Jack Eichel: 75 or 90 points, what’s more likely?

Eichel averages a point in 93.7% of the regular season games that he plays in. The 2015 No.2 overall draft pick has twice averaged greater than a point per game in the regular season. It is important to note that Eichel has never played all 82 games of a regular season in his career. Eichel is expected to continue to grow his two-way game.

VHN projects a 75-point season is more likely for the 26-year-old. 75 points with Selke consideration would be a great season for Eichel.

Mark Stone: 40 or 60 games played, what’s more likely?

For a walk-down cap-circumvention lane, click here. In short, Stone has a legit back injury that is going to cause him trouble for the rest of his career. The hope from the Golden Knights is that Stone’s previous injuries will not be a recurring issue. Stone’s back injuries have limited him to appearing in 80 of the last 164 regular season games.

VHN projects Stone playing 40 games is more likely. The Golden Knights will be cautious with Stone and recurring back injuries are a given at this point of Stone’s career.

William Karlsson: 13 or 20 goals, what’s more likely?

It is hard to imagine we are choosing between 13 or 20 goals for someone who was a 43-goal scorer just five years ago. Karlsson has yet to score greater than 15 goals since the 2018-19 season. We saw a different version of Karlsson under the bright playoff lights. Karlsson has 11 goals in 22 games.

VHN projects Karlsson scoring 20 or greater goals this season. Karlsson scored one goal every other game during the playoffs. One goal every four games puts Karlsson at 20 goals this season.

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Chandler Stephenson and Jonathan Marchessault; both players will be Golden Knights in 2024-25 or will not be Golden Knights in 2024-25, what’s more likely?

Stephenson and Marchessault are unrestricted free agents after this season. Both could be in line for a nice raise. Stephenson has been on a team-friendly four-year, $11 million contract. Marchessault has out-performed his six-year, $30 million contract.

VHN projects it is more likely for Stephenson and Marchessault will not be Golden Knights in 2024-25. General manager Kelly McCrimmon can use the salary cap space to acquire another marquee center or forward.

Adin Hill: Under 30 or over 30 starts, what’s more likely?

It seems obvious that the 27-year-old, with a big contract extension, will easily get greater than 30 starts. Not so fast. Hill has never played greater than 27 games in a regular season and is coming off the shortest offseason of his career.

VHN projects it is more likely that hill has 30 or under starts this season. Hill’s health issues and Logan Thompson could limit Hill’s workload.

Thompson: Under 30 or over 30 stars, what’s more likely?

Thompson appeared in just two games after the all-star break after appearing in 37 games during the first four months of the season.

VHN projects it is more likely that Thompson has over 30 starts by a sizeable margin this season. The 26-year-old does not have a track record of injuries prior to last season. The Golden Knights have the luxury of two quality goaltenders. If Thompson can stay healthy, he should appear in 45 games.

Golden Knights: Win Stanley Cup or miss the playoffs, what’s more likely?

This is a tough one. The Golden Knights roster remains largely intact year-over-year. However, it has been a short offseason and repeating is extremely difficult.

VHN predicts that it is more likely that the Golden Knights miss the playoffs vs. repeating as Stanley Cup champions. A lot more has to go right to win a Stanley Cup and a lot less needs to go wrong for a team to have a bad season. This projection is simply based off taking the field vs. the Golden Knights.

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