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WATCH: Golden Knights Team Up With Lil John In Golden Age Commerical



Lil Jon Vegas Golden Knights coach skit

It appears as if the Vegas Golden Knights have hired a new member of their coaching staff. In a new hilarious ‘Golden Age’ commercial, members of the Golden Knights teamed up with rapper Lil Jon for a skit playing off the songs “Yeah,” “Shots Shots Shots,” and “Turn Down For What?”

Bruce Cassidy, Jack Eichel, Brayden McNabb, Logan Thompson, Jake Leschyshyn, Paul Cotter, and of course, Lil Jon star in the video, which was posted by the Golden Knights Thursday morning.

The video is pretty self-explanatory as a funny skit managed by the Golden Knights. The three main references are to the songs Yeah, Shots, and Turn Down For What.

But here are some of the other ‘Easter Eggs’ we caught in the video.

  • Lil Jon has apparently replaced Mark Stone as the team’s captain, as he’s wearing a captaincy mark on his jersey as well as the number 17, which could be a reference to the team’s first year, 2017.
  • A closeup of Brayden McNabb’s notebook reveals two other strategies he had for his style of play. They are 1) Throw a hip check and 2) pass to Shea Theodore. Absolutely hilarious
  • Lil Jon calls Jake Leschyshyn “new guy,” as this is just his second true season in the NHL.
  • Goaltender Logan Thompson is drawing a stick figure because all this talk about shots doesn’t apply to him as the team’s netminder. That is unless he’s going for a goalie goal this season.

This is the second commercial the Golden Knights have revealed for the Golden Age. The other was a play on the movie Dumb and Dumber with Bill Foley, William Karlsson, and Jonathan Marchessault.