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ChatGPT Says Golden Knights Will Win Stanley Cup



Vegas Golden Knights, ChatGPT

OK, this won’t be the hardest-hitting, most analytical hockey story we’ll do today. Instead, it might be the least we ever do until we start writing about inspirational cat posters in the locker room. However, according to experts, or at least oddsmakers surrendering their day jobs and using artificial intelligence, the Vegas Golden Knights will win the Stanley Cup.

The Golden Knights advanced to the Stanley Cup Final by beating the Dallas Stars in six games. Game 6 was the biggest whitewash in Dallas since the Warren Commission.

The Florida Panthers swept the Carolina Hurricanes, including a pair of overtime games. Matthew Tkachuk scored three game-winners, including Game 4, when he scored with four seconds left.

Andrew McDermott, the founder of, plugged the Stanley Cup Final into ChatGPT. According to our future AI overlord, the Golden Knights will win the Stanley Cup.

“ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the way sports enthusiasts and bettors engage with betting and odds-related information,” McDermott said. “ChatGPT is able to obtain updates such as team performance, historical data, player statistics, injury reports, and other relevant factors that influence the outcome of sporting events.”
The Golden Knights are solid favorites to win the organization’s first Stanley Cup. They’re -125. Florida is +105 to win the Cup at most sportsbooks.
McDermott also told VHN that Google search trends at the beginning of the playoffs show that Nevada was the only state that bet on the Golden Knights to win it. Not a single state, including Florida, searched for the Panthers to the Cup. Florida’s search volume reflected a bias toward the Tampa Bay Lightning at the beginning of the playoffs.
And Boston was the Stanley Cup Final favorite among 19 states.
“Our research shows that while these tools can be useful, even the most prolific resources can’t always accurately predict the outcomes of the playoffs,” said McDermott.
The Stanley Cup Final begins Saturday when the Vegas Golden Knights host the Florida Panthers at T-Mobile Arena. The puck drop for all seven games, if necessary, will be 5 p.m. PT.

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