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Golden Knights Forward Providing Inspiration For Show ‘Shorsey’

Vegas Golden Knights forward Keegan Kolesar is no stranger to roughing things up on the ice. The 25-y…



Vegas Golden Knights forward Keegan Kolesar is no stranger to roughing things up on the ice. The 25-year-old forward is currently seventh in the NHL in hits this season with 245 and has been in nearly 20 fights in his NHL career. Kolesar's physicality can rile up his teammates and get momentum on the Golden Knight's side. But it can also do something completely different, that is, provide ideas for a hit TV Show.

Shorsey is a Canadian TV show that aired last March on Hulu and Crave as a spinoff of the Canadian comedy show Letterkenny. It follows a rag-tag group of Triple-A hockey players in Sudbury, Canada who face the threat of their team folding.

Jared Keeso, who created both shows and stars as the titular main character Shorsey, is friends with Kolesar and has been for the better part of three years. According to Kolesar, the two constantly text each other about ideas for the show. Given how much of the show is influenced by hockey brawls and chirps, Kolesar is the perfect person to grab ideas from as his day-to-day consists of mucking his way through hockey scrums.

"I've given them a couple of suggestions. I can't tell that guy how to do his job because he does a d**n good job of it. But here and there he'll text me or I'll text him and I'll tell him some things that happen in a game. I was telling him that Shorsey should have an outrageous agent like Ari Gold on "Entourage" right? I thought that'd be funny, he laughed at it too. I think they started production last week or this week for the next season," said Kolesar.

Shorsey may be an extremely explicit show with its themes and language, but Kolesar says it's pretty accurate to what it is like growing up playing hockey in Canada. "It's pretty accurate. If I look at that and I look at my buddies back home it's pretty spot on," he said.

In Janurary, season two of Shorsey was announced, which will air later this season. Kolesar says he would love to make a cameo in the show but it may be hard with schedules and timing. The Golden Knights, unlike the Sudbury Blueberry  Bulldogs, actually win games.

Between Shorsey and Letterkenny, Jared Keeso has created two hilarious accurate shows that feature hockey. If that sounds interesting to you, I cannot recommend these two shows enough, especially Shorsey, and neither can Kolesar.

"Shorsey is so funny. He's put so much time and effort into it. Letterkenny, I love it and I appreciate it, but Shorsey just has me crying every second."


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