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Vegas Golden Knights

Golden Knights Officially Unveil Reverse Retro Jerseys



Vegas Golden Knights Reverse Retro Jerseys 2022-23 (Photo- Vegas Golden Knights)
Vegas Golden Knights Reverse Retro Jerseys 2022-23 (Photo- Vegas Golden Knights)

At long last, the NHL and Adidas have unveiled their 2022-23 batch of Reverse Retro Jerseys. The Vegas Golden Knight’s jersey was leaked back in September, and it looks like the leaks were true.

Here is the Vegas Golden Knight’s 2022-23 Reverse Retro jersey, which will be available on 11/15/2022.

The design features an all-black jersey, a first in Golden Knights history. The Vegas wordmark on the front is meant to replicate the wording of the Excalibur Hotel, and the number font is meant to resemble the old Stardust Hotel and Casino’s sign font. The VGK’s standard logo is on the shoulder patch.

The jersey also glows in the dark which will work well with the team’s award winning in-game presentations.

These jerseys are confirmed to be appearing in eight games for the upcoming season. They are Nov. 26 vs. Vancouver, Dec. 9 vs. Philadelphia, Dec. 17 vs. Islanders, Dec. 31 vs. Nashville, Jan. 7 vs. Los Angeles, Jan. 14 vs. Edmonton, Jan. 16 vs. Dallas and, Jan. 21 vs. Washington.

The Golden Knights are now back to having three jerseys in their rotation this season (home, away, reverse retro).

With the shift to the Golden Age, the team made their gold jerseys their permanent home jerseys, which ditched the inaugural grey jerseys and made room for another jersey in the rotation. However according to the Golden Knights, the steel gray jerseys will continue to make appearances.

Stay tuned for practice reactions from players such as Logan Thompson and Adin Hill on how these new jerseys will affect their pad setups!