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Vegas Golden Knights Reverse Retro Jersey Ideas



MAX PACIORETTY Vegas Golden Knights Gameday Tomas Hertl

The Vegas Golden Knights don’t have a very long history. So the word ‘retro’ doesn’t’ get thrown around a lot. But one department where it does is when discussing jerseys.

Introduced in 2020, the NHL and Adidas partnered up to give us the ‘Reverse Retro’ jersey collection. These were jerseys for each NHL team that paid homage to former logos/jerseys worn by teams in the past. For the Golden Knights, they had to get creative and introduced a red reverse retro with the team’s alternate logo as the primary logo. There was also a ‘V’ pattern on the jersey which referenced the Las Vegas Thunder.

In 2022-23 it is rumored that every team in the NHL will be getting new reverse-retro jerseys for the 2022-23 NHL season, even the Golden Knights and Kraken. This will be Adidas’ last hurray with the NHL as the NHL and Adidas will not renew their jersey contracts after this upcoming season.

So with little going on in the NHL, let’s talk jerseys and go over some of the VGK have to draw inspiration from for new sweaters.

Vegas Golden Knights

Before we get started a quick refresher on what will likely happen to the Golden Knights in 2022-23. It is all but confirmed that the Golden Knights will be switching over to their former third alternate ‘gold’ jerseys and making them their home sweaters for the upcoming season. Gone are the days of the grey home jerseys, and in are the gold jerseys with a Circa Sports patch. An official announcement has yet to be made, but the Golden Knights have significantly pushed this branding as of late.

Reverse Red-tros

Perhaps the most likely possibility for the Golden Knight’s new reverse retro jersey would be a color-swapped version of their previous reverse retro jerseys. After all, the Golden Knights have only had four jerseys in their history; their grey homes, white aways, gold thirds, and reverse retros.

In Janurary, it was confirmed by owner Bill Foley that the Golden Knights would be getting new jerseys and that they would potentially be red.

The design here is simple, and it works as everything that made the original reverse retros would presumably carry over. These include the Las Vegas sign-inspired secondary logo on the chest, the ‘V’ striping to pay homage to the Las Vegas Thunder, and the gold, black, and red color scheme.

VHN’s Take:  While these jerseys have the potential of being sharp, I would prefer to have something more original. 7/10 idea.


The city of Las Vegas does not have an extensive hockey history when compared to cities like Montreal and Toronto. But they do have a couple of former hockey teams that called Vegas home before the Golden Knights came to town. Perhaps the most famous of these was the International Hockey League’s Las Vegas Thunder, who were already referenced in the VGK’s first reverse retro jersey.

The Thunder played from 1993-1999 and had former NHL’ers such as Radek Bonk, Alexi Yashin, and Sergei Zholotok on some of their rosters. Their jerseys are pretty standard, with the only unique attribute being the aforementioned “V” striping that was already present in the red jerseys.

But perhaps the Golden Knights can revamp their logo or even incorporate some of the Thunder’s colors into their new jerseys.

VHN’s Take: I think the design team has already exhausted the capabilities of drawing inspiration from the Thunder. 6/10 idea.

Red Wranglers

The only other viable option for the Golden Knights in terms of historic Las Vegas hockey teams to pull inspiration from is the Las Vegas Wranglers. They were an ECHL hockey team from 2003-2015 and had a familiar red design. The specific jersey below is their 10th-anniversary jersey.

The dice patch on the right shoulder would be neat to see incorporated, although I’m not sure how the NHL would react to promoting gambling on jerseys.

Maybe they could even do something fun by turning the Wrangler into a Golden Knight on the logo and making him red.

VHN’s Take: I know ECHL teams aren’t the coolest things around, but I would still like to see some attributes here. 7/10 idea.

Something Pink!

This may come off as a joke to some, but I would love for the Golden Knights to incorporate the color pink into their new jerseys somehow. I don’t know what it is about Las Vegas, but the color pink seems to work well as a representation of the city, whether it be from the Flamingos here, or that one lady who married the color pink.

I’m not saying to make a hot pink jersey or anything, just maybe a white and black jersey with some pink flamingo-inspired outlines. Just an idea.

VHN’s Take: I say give it a shot. Anything is better than the chrome gold helmets. 8/10 idea.

What do you think? What would you like to see in the Golden Knight’s expected new reverse-retro jerseys?